Here's What My UGLY Mercedes S65 AMG Was HIDING Under Its NASTY Black Vinyl Wrap

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Today, I remove the nasty matte black vinyl wrap from my new daily drive, a 2015 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG, and it's a little worse than I thought underneath. OK, maybe a lot worse.
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  1. Tavarish


    18 dager siden

    Get 20% off + free shipping and two free gifts with code TAVARISH at

    • Speed is gain

      Speed is gain

      6 dager siden

      Keep the rims black but more glossy

    • Thommy Thomas

      Thommy Thomas

      7 dager siden

      16:29 which music did you use. That music fits this video. Can you please link in description

    • Jim Beck

      Jim Beck

      10 dager siden


    • bigdaddy741098


      14 dager siden

      @Liten Fara 😅😂🤣🤣 This is a hilarious coincidence... I never read any of these comments, including yours. To start with I had no idea what you were talking about, then I read Your comment and understood. It really does sound like I was responding to you 🤣 Nah man, that's my thoughts to the question Tavarish asked. I was saying with the quality of the finish, even though I wouldn't choose black, it's close enough to the colour I would want. And he would have to really dislike them to justify the expense if he was going to do just that. But dislike is actually the same as saying it would have to really bother him, or stand out to him etc. It really isn't strong language at all even if I was responding to you. Not trying to be a douche, but it seemed like you thought I was being confrontational, which isn't really how that word is used imo. Anyway, have a good one mate 👍👊

    • Brannon Hazelrigg

      Brannon Hazelrigg

      14 dager siden

      @Damicske ,'

  2. illdwes


    10 timer siden

    I love your channel but bro, you're super out of touch...

  3. Michael Polinski

    Michael Polinski

    11 timer siden

    I say, don't change the wheels and put the money to repainting the actual car in the factory white.

  4. Todd Fieldy_25

    Todd Fieldy_25

    Dag siden

    Hold up .... hold up righto tav I’m 2 mins in why ok who has enough coin to 1 paint amg Mercedes rims “can” black next wtf wraps this car !!!! 😵

  5. BlaziNgHeiGhtZ


    Dag siden

    That wrap says i was owned by a drug dealer 😂😂😂

  6. Sam Fedorka

    Sam Fedorka

    Dag siden

    That chicken in the time lapse at 6:17 got me good.

  7. Prandopa nr1

    Prandopa nr1

    Dag siden

    wow what a nice car to bad some amateur worked on it but you will get it done right.

  8. Shawn Campbell

    Shawn Campbell

    2 dager siden

    Really wish you would stay on one project I stead of every other video being about a different car. Can't really follow the project when you go 3 months before posting again about the project.

  9. Prinegon Bevaris

    Prinegon Bevaris

    2 dager siden

    Now that the old wrap is off, isn't it time for Tavarish to check if he has some gold wrapping leftovers from his cheap Lambo project for rewrapping purpurses? Time to make this car look ugly again!

  10. motorpsychohead


    2 dager siden

    Check out xf motorsports, they are able to put nissan 6spd transmission in an mercedes e55 amg and make it work like it's from factory!

  11. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker

    3 dager siden

    How can someone absolutely fucking rape a vehicle like that with such disgusting wrap? Thanks god that you saved that Queen

  12. S3xi T-Rexi

    S3xi T-Rexi

    3 dager siden

    They tinted the headlights so those bright ass LED's don't blind everyone else on the road 😂

  13. Evloftis


    3 dager siden

    the White is goin to look so much better... white body with black wheels goin to look great

  14. Makizee 6.0

    Makizee 6.0

    4 dager siden

    I don't need a step mum.. Or assistant got me.. I subscribed and liked immediately.

  15. yasio bolo

    yasio bolo

    4 dager siden

    And I quote: "This V12 car behind me is the most practical daily driver."

  16. RVFFY


    4 dager siden

    Next amg vid?

  17. Zycx


    5 dager siden

    Make the alloys glossier, but keep it black. its a nice accent like your buddy said.

  18. Niklas Wallin

    Niklas Wallin

    5 dager siden

    $8 for iridiums would be CHEAP here in sweden..

  19. sabry saleh

    sabry saleh

    5 dager siden

    Keep the black rims

  20. asioe kiou

    asioe kiou

    5 dager siden

    Love how the last vid was sponsored by keeps: a hair growth improvement service, while this vid is sponsored by man scaped: a shaving service 😂😂😂

  21. Samee Khn

    Samee Khn

    5 dager siden


  22. DaddyBeans


    5 dager siden

    v12 Practical daily driver Hmmmm

  23. Xlauv


    6 dager siden

    I've never understood the aesthetic of tinting your taillights, let alone your headlights. just seems stupid (and illegal)

  24. dmac80


    6 dager siden

    Good move removing the wrap. Have to say NOT a fan of those black wheels.

  25. winston tan

    winston tan

    6 dager siden

    After using manscaped I think my ball will shine bright like a diamond.

  26. Saqib Bhat

    Saqib Bhat

    6 dager siden

    I think Black ⚫ was much better 😊

  27. Michigan Sound Wizard

    Michigan Sound Wizard

    6 dager siden

    The amount of disgust with the wrapping and mishandling of this vehicle made me sad to see. Yes, remove the Black from the wheels too. Your new steering wheel looks good for sure.

  28. M C

    M C

    7 dager siden

    you bought a russian wedding car .. cool

  29. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt

    7 dager siden

    "Welp, my grill is a bit hazy, guess I'll have to redo the entire frontend" -Tavarish

  30. chrisstreetable


    7 dager siden

    Best thing to use to remove tint and vinyl is steam from a garment steamer or steam cleaner obviously wear gloves but once you get an edge grab it with long nose pliers blast the steam in between and the tint and vinyl just peels off ,you can peel an entire window or headlight in one piece .ps the car looks so much better white and chrome

  31. Zach Boucher

    Zach Boucher

    7 dager siden

    CHROME!?!?! omfg dude.....I normally LOVE your rebuilds but the black on black is DOPE! If you chrome it, its ruined imo. Its an AMG....its not meant to be 100% pretty, its supposed to be mean lol

  32. Zach Boucher

    Zach Boucher

    7 dager siden

    @Tavarish, you just broke my heart with "I dont like black cars and especially matte black cars" -_- That matte black AMG is the best looking that car will ever be, next to a gun metal of sorts! Black > Sky Blue =P Still love you and Jerad but.....youre wrong lol! Also, why isnt he mentioned in the descriptions? Youre both the dream team and make the channel what it is

  33. Tony Atin

    Tony Atin

    7 dager siden

    take the black off the wheels, too much of a Panda look..

  34. Iran Cartaxo

    Iran Cartaxo

    7 dager siden

    Yes, Looks like a taxi. That's exactly why a Braianized my car, because it was white, and sedan, and looked like a cab. By the way, you really should paint the wheels some color not so dark as black.

  35. Kate H

    Kate H

    7 dager siden

    That headlight tint was the ugliest part in my opinion. Glad it is free of it :)

  36. SDJackson2020


    8 dager siden

    Comment on the wheels... I can see from your collection , you have plenty of black and white combo's....... Do something different with this one.... Step outside the box please....!!!

  37. seeni gzty

    seeni gzty

    8 dager siden

    Love how the last vid was sponsored by keeps: a hair growth improvement service, while this vid is sponsored by man scaped: a shaving service 😂😂😂

  38. unmountable boot volume

    unmountable boot volume

    8 dager siden

    4:30 It doesn't even take plastic wrap to make those sensors fail. Receently had a rental lose all computer stuff because of a few flattened mosquitos on a radar sensor. Just wiped them off with a tissue and it all worked again. In my opinion a cleaning system like a small brush/wiper or a washing jet like on headlights would be a good idea.

  39. Mark Benson

    Mark Benson

    8 dager siden

    The wheels aren't bad, cleaned and detailed they'll look great, what they need are some nice matching black, subtly accented with chrome centre, caps. That'd make em look really special.

  40. Wiz3m4n


    8 dager siden

    I’m not a fan of matte black cars... MKBHD has entered the chat

  41. Jonathon Mason

    Jonathon Mason

    8 dager siden

    I hate it that everybody has to blacken-out everything on their vehicles. Only certan vehicles look good blacked-out.

  42. Don Ren

    Don Ren

    8 dager siden

    honestly, for me, this car lost almost all of its appeal when you removed the tint from the headlights... before that it looked like amg now it looks like something i see granparents drive... i think you should consider tinting them back imho

  43. Katumu Jibateh

    Katumu Jibateh

    8 dager siden

    Racist talk mixed

  44. Katumu Jibateh

    Katumu Jibateh

    8 dager siden

    Car is notin bt car for use

  45. Katumu Jibateh

    Katumu Jibateh

    8 dager siden

    U ar d Nasty one

  46. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    9 dager siden

    Love how the last vid was sponsored by keeps: a hair growth improvement service, while this vid is sponsored by man scaped: a shaving service 😂😂😂

    • vbddfy euuyt

      vbddfy euuyt

      7 dager siden

      I like how in every time the camera catch Jared it shows him smiling.

  47. Laura Brown

    Laura Brown

    9 dager siden

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  48. ItzChillzzz


    9 dager siden

    The black goes very well with the mercedes

  49. Tim Wynn

    Tim Wynn

    9 dager siden

    i use WD-40 to get the goo off of any surface, never fails me.

  50. Alazar


    9 dager siden

    don't ruin the car use a heat gun you lazy ass

  51. Benjamin Fitzgerald

    Benjamin Fitzgerald

    9 dager siden

    Somewhere James May is smiling. Standard :)

  52. Zachary Prutz

    Zachary Prutz

    9 dager siden

    so you got pulled over and not him? weird.

  53. Trent Harvey

    Trent Harvey

    9 dager siden

    I think the wheels should be gunmetal or chrome

  54. Aaron Coke

    Aaron Coke

    9 dager siden

    That jab at Sam & Rich got me...😂😂🔥

  55. Tony C.

    Tony C.

    9 dager siden

    6:17 LMAO!

  56. Malte Hündling

    Malte Hündling

    9 dager siden

    Still an AMG, not a Mercedes-Benz. 😜

  57. mark im

    mark im

    9 dager siden

    He need to Man-scape that head of hair..

  58. Beach Boy

    Beach Boy

    9 dager siden

    Funny you are making 🤣 an 'unwrap video' Everybody else is 'wrap video' lol 😆

  59. steve holland

    steve holland

    9 dager siden

    i prefer the blacked out version over the stock look

  60. mpho nyovane

    mpho nyovane

    10 dager siden

    Bro, it looks like you need Keeps

  61. Simon Shaffer

    Simon Shaffer

    10 dager siden

    Bizarrely compelling...

  62. niduoe stre

    niduoe stre

    10 dager siden

    Love how the last vid was sponsored by keeps: a hair growth improvement service, while this vid is sponsored by man scaped: a shaving service 😂😂😂

  63. C CCC

    C CCC

    10 dager siden

    Freddy.....always loved the channel...but these in-video ads are killing me. I stopped watching The Smoking Tire cuz of this and he only does one ad in the beginning. Pumping multiple ads throughout is rough. Its even more frustrating for those who pay for ad-free subscription.

    • niduoe stre

      niduoe stre

      10 dager siden

      Love how the last vid was sponsored by keeps: a hair growth improvement service, while this vid is sponsored by man scaped: a shaving service 😂😂😂

  64. Mako Shark

    Mako Shark

    10 dager siden

    You guys must be so bored with life to do this

  65. Trinidad Gonzalez

    Trinidad Gonzalez

    10 dager siden

    Paint the calipers AMG gold

  66. Bigfatpolarbear Breiner

    Bigfatpolarbear Breiner

    10 dager siden

    Keep the wheel color

  67. Stew Keene

    Stew Keene

    10 dager siden

    LOL! Just taking the wrap off the front grill made the car look Much Better! 😝😝😝

  68. Max Likhtar

    Max Likhtar

    10 dager siden

    Keep the wheels gloss black



    10 dager siden g63 diecast review

  70. Abishek J

    Abishek J

    10 dager siden

    This car needs a whole Cosmetic Rebuild

  71. William Lloyd

    William Lloyd

    10 dager siden

    If you are having a hard time understanding what this awful wrap is all about it's simple: just think like a murder thug. The previous owner covered all reflective surfaces with matte black as cheaply as possible. So's they could hide in dark alleys. So's they could murder better.

  72. nitroitis


    10 dager siden


  73. J Lo

    J Lo

    10 dager siden

    If a headlight needed replaced in the estimate, why go to the trouble of stripping it?

  74. Gangsta Gary

    Gangsta Gary

    10 dager siden

    Volvo 242 do it you wont regret

  75. Lee Russon

    Lee Russon

    10 dager siden

    So you replaced your "Clown" steering wheel with one that looks like Sid from Ice Age.

  76. Mark Camaro

    Mark Camaro

    10 dager siden

    I still dont like the black wheels

  77. Mazakan TC

    Mazakan TC

    10 dager siden

    white looks ugly on an s class. sorry didnt like the matte vinyl, neither does white look good.

  78. Joanna


    10 dager siden

    Love how the last vid was sponsored by keeps: a hair growth improvement service, while this vid is sponsored by man scaped: a shaving service 😂😂😂

  79. B - rad

    B - rad

    11 dager siden

    Looks at the crap on the ground. Venom is dat you? :O

    • Joanna


      10 dager siden

      The McLaren is my daily. I only drive the Bentley on weekends.

  80. teo delfuego

    teo delfuego

    11 dager siden

    Change wheel color!

  81. MrKnowwun


    11 dager siden

    Its WHITE OMG Thats worse, Still at least you can hire it out as a wedding limo.......

  82. Neretil Derem

    Neretil Derem

    11 dager siden

    "originally" it looked like something the Goonzquad would do to a car

  83. Leonardo zobaran

    Leonardo zobaran

    11 dager siden

    New to the channel and already liking but no need to over half an hour for an unwrapping

  84. robert thomas

    robert thomas

    11 dager siden

    why would anyone wrap interior bits and (ed.) headlights!

  85. Usman Suhail

    Usman Suhail

    11 dager siden

    The S63 is not ugly to me

  86. Gvx 3

    Gvx 3

    11 dager siden

    1:14 hmm

  87. Fantom


    11 dager siden

    Is it just me or are blacked out grills, done PROPERLY, way nicer to look at than chrome?



    11 dager siden

    i like that almost every one dont like murdered cars cz if you say something like hate it all black all kids and 20 year old comes running to you

  89. Bboy RSA

    Bboy RSA

    11 dager siden

    Don't keep the wheel colour, please.

  90. Elijah Carr

    Elijah Carr

    11 dager siden

    New steering wheel is sick! Audi and Mercedes make the best

  91. Spazik86


    11 dager siden

    LOL what kind of idiot wraps light black... :D

  92. Samnang Dara

    Samnang Dara

    11 dager siden

    24:27 that VENOM

  93. Miquel Williams

    Miquel Williams

    11 dager siden

    Leave the wheels love them. Love the new wheel as well

  94. GRE 3NE

    GRE 3NE

    11 dager siden

    I did not see the cracked headlight coming.. the owner is a schmuck for just tinting over it instead of replacing the headlight.

  95. MADE by LAWS

    MADE by LAWS

    11 dager siden

  96. BetioBastardDoc


    11 dager siden

    The black pile of vinyl looked like VENOM the Marvel character

  97. Will Hart

    Will Hart

    11 dager siden

    Come on, you know how good those chrome S65 wheels look originally.

  98. PJ Ludda

    PJ Ludda

    11 dager siden

    Yeah, I don't know why someone would wrap a beautiful paint job like that. And with THAT color. Also leaving it in that classy color hides dirt.

  99. Adrian Hermosillo

    Adrian Hermosillo

    11 dager siden

    You gotta keep those black wheels... it looks clean with the stormtrooper look

  100. Jovawn Guthrie

    Jovawn Guthrie

    11 dager siden

    The wrap doesn’t affect stickers I wrap cars and have never had a customer tell me their sensors stopped working. Also heating makes removal 1000% easier and faster